Fixed paths

Isn’t it a beautiful thought, gardening in the sun with your hands covered in dirt, the sound of birds and bees in your ears and the sun on your nose..

Whilst I write this Bob Dylan’s voice resounds in a cracking sound throughout the room as the record, caressed by the needle, turns round and round and round. I’m sitting behind a window, behind my desk, behind a computer that buzzes like a half-dead bee. Not much dirt, sun, birds and bees in that..

But still I could image myself planting and harvesting vegetables, making pies, my own jam and fresh bouquets of flowers for on the kitchen table.




Have you ever questioned yourself if the life your making for yourself is the one you want? I can image me sitting at a desk and reading thousands of texts, sentences and letters without a real meaning to me, without touching my soul. What if we went back to basic, left our computers, smartphones and busy lives in exchange for a pure life. A pure life in which you appreciate every element mother earth gives us and turn it in something beautiful by using your hands and love.

I realize that this idea is not entirely achievable, but yet very attractive. The society is pushing us to get our diplomas, to have a great job, to make a lot of money and so on.

But what if this will not bring me happiness? I’d like to be intellectual, I’d like to write something people inspires and astonishes them and I’d like to move them to find their way. And I do think I need education for becoming this person.. but what then? I don’t want to be pushed in a box, a box of career possibilities, just because I’ve got the required knowledge.


Being intellectual doesn’t have to be equal to being rich, being overworked and being unhappy to me. I rather want to be in touch with the earth, with the basics of life and the little things that make it worthwhile living such as flowers, growing my own vegetables and the love of friends.

No fixed path for me. I like studying because it makes me grow as a person, and for a certain direction, not a goal.  



Fixed paths

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