“Open the doors, open the windows!” he yelled

It sounded like the stupidest idea doing that as a midsummer storm roared over the earth. Wind and rain ticked on the glass while I moved towards them to throw them open. Humid air entered the house. The doors chattered due to the wind blowing trough the building. The dense forest surrounding the house felt like a rain forest. Adrenaline pumped trough my veins and I became exuberant. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.




turned around my body like a typhoon of joy, pain, excitement and fears.

So far, yet so close in my memory. The smell of that rain on the dry earth minutes after the storm.

It still occurs from time to time in the summer. Petrichor.

The most comforting, yet most painful scent in the world. Its presence reminds of his absence.



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