One of those days

You surely do know them.. those days you can’t get out of your bed. After 3 snoozes and 20 minutes of self-pity you decide to get up and make the best of it. When you sum up your day at the end you conclude that the ‘getting-up-decision’ was the dumbest one to make.

As soon as you’ve woken up everything starts going wrong. You shuffle out of bed and stub your toe against that sharp corner of your closet (I swear the closet moved itself!) this sets the tone for the rest of the wonderful day.

… I ended up being yelled and honked upon by a German trucker who wanted to pass but couldn’t because I was lying on the ground. Why? My shoelace got caught in the treadle of my bike, I fell of my bike and remained lying on the ground questioning myself what the exact reason was why I got up this morning. Not to mention the staring people when I pulled myself up and did some hobbling – my shoelace was still caught – to clear the way.  While removing my shoelace from my bike my glove got stuck and ended up with a hole. Once home I positively thought making coffee would help, too bad I forgot to close the machine and caused a tsunami on the kitchen counter.

After all It’s kinda funny now, I must’ve looked like a grumpy wet cat after hours of storm when getting up after my elegant crash. I’d like to think of it as a bad attitude day, rather than a bad luck day. After all we produce our luck ourselves, don’t we?


Cheers to a good attitude, which makes everything possible!



One of those days

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