New Era

New Era

Dear reader, let me start with an introduction of myself before I start sending my thoughts into this digital world.


I’m not quite sure who I really am, but yet again.. who knows :).

Who I want to be? Someone who stands up for the things that matter most and who dedicates all the energy embodied  in her to achieve those goals. Someone who is not afraid to say what’s on the tip of all our tongues. Someone not anxious of having an opinion, even if it runs counter to the majority. Always pushing myself, to be a better me, to encourage my personality to grow and too stand strong in the gray mass even if they want to pull me in.


I have a passion for music: writing, playing and singing it. Besides that I really love literature, most of all poetry, and art. I’m a law school student, this because I want to dedicate my life to human rights. And for the record: i’m a vegetarian, the earth is still sharing, so we’ll have to start caring (invented that myself, haha, you can laugh now).


I needed space to control the flood of words, thoughts and images in my head that drive me crazy from time to time. I like thinking, well actually that is the problem of being me.  After days of non-sleeping nights this blog was born, as a reckoning with the mess in my head.

Sincerely Lou


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